Teknoaids (Pvt) Ltd. is the largest provider company of Anti-Terrorist Equipments in the country. We offer the following equipments.


Teknoaids (Pvt) Ltd. has privileged as being only manufacturer of customized Road Blockers in Pakistan. Teknoaids RB Series Road Blockers are designed as an effective means of controlling access to high security areas. Among the many advantages is the absence of a need for a column at the side to house the mechanical mechanism. This facilitates placing several blockers in a row end to end to control exceptionally wide access points.

The hydraulic drive is operated by an energy accumulator that can be positioned as far away as 15 m. Hydraulic valves makes it possible to lower the obstacle in case of power failure. This is the ideal type of Road Blocker equipment that provides effective protection to any location that may be the target of terrorists



Heights, widths and paint finishes suiting constructed, tested and proven to provide the highest levels of protection, the RB series Road Blocker has gained nationwide acceptance as the product of choice for those requiring high security vehicle access control. Under Hydraulic Power the high impact resistant blocker will completely seal off a site entrance to vehicles, providing complete protection to premises that might otherwise be vulnerable to attack.


A Road Blocker provides high-level security where heavy-duty security is prime concern. It ensures greater safety & security as it can stop forced entry of greater masses as well as greater loads. The Road Blocker is manufactured to withstand severe Impact. It comprises of a hydraulically powered reinforced steel barrier which lies flush to the road surface when at rest and rises up when activated. It is strong and durable in construction and can quickly and easily be operated by the site security personnel or by individual drivers through a choice of Access Control System e.g. Push Button, Remote Control or any other Access Control System.



This is a smart and very dangerous system for the vehicles as it is used to damage the tyres of those vehicles, which attempt to enter the premises without security clearance. Widely used by Defense Organizations & Diplomatic Missions.



TK RB Series is a heavy-duty Electro-Mechanical Barrier, meant for control of vehicle traffic flow. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential, commercial and industrial car park. Many features have been incorporated to provide a sage, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well as indoor use.




TEKNOAIDS specialized in Customized Security Systems suited to the particular needs of our clients. Like most companies we do not disturb or alter the premises in which our systems are installed, whether it is a highly sensitive Defense Organization or President's Chamber, we approach each project as a unique challenge. Our design engineers carefully inspect each property to identify potential security problems and then devise solutions that ensure maximum protection. To do this, we determine the probability of attack, the level of required protection and the costs involved. TEKNOAIDS often works closely with architectural firms in designing the most effective perimeter security networks.



Safety Films provide effective defense from glass fragments and splinters in the event of glass breaking. Shattered glass caused by natural disasters, terrorism, burglary or accidental breakage is a threat to us all, at work, at home, in public places. Safety Zone Films offer protection from glass shards, shield from UV Radiation provides Solar Heat Control (combined films), and combat graffiti and answer the requirements of insurance companies for shop front protection. Such films are being used in many of the world's most recognized commercial and government buildings. Retrofitted on existing windows, these laminates can improve glass safety significantly by binding shattered glass together should a window break as a result of a storm, accident or attack.