Swing Gate Automation is a complete system to open and close any type of swing type gates in domestic and commercial. State of the art microprocessors with a Solid-State Integrated circuit enable the user to operate his gate either by remote control or by a manual push button. The system is easy to install: even on existing gates.

Die Cast waterproof actuators are made up of waterproof and rust resistant cast alloy. The sturdy Aluminum Structure is treated with Polyester Powder Paint. Quality coat perfectly stands the test of time. Mechanical system comprises of Low DC voltage motors and safety clutch mechanism. PG Speed is suitable for an intensive use and has a long working life. PG Speed is practically maintenance-free in any climatic conditions. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential, commercial and industrial entrances. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well as indoor use.



* Silent operation
* 12 / 24 V ~ D.C low voltage control system
* Simple push button operation
* Die Cast Waterproof actuators.
* Low power consumption
* No hydraulic oil leakage or spills
* Current Sensing Computerized Control.
* Soft start/ Soft Stop.
* Metal sheet stopper with rubber coating.
* Fits on your existing gate
* Manual operation during power failure.
* Built in DC Motor.



Operating Voltage: 220 V ~ 50Hz
Output power: 120W
Max Weight of the gate: 250 kg per leaf
Rotary Speed: 10 - 15 sec / 90 deg
Transmission type: Rotary lever
Dual Speed: Yes (12V ~ 24V)
Backup battery:Optional
Safety device: Mechanical clutch.
Remote controller: 2-channel citizen brand
Electric lock: Yes (Solenoid)
Pedestrian Opening: Optional (Single Leaf)


Technical Data

* Input Power Supply 230VAC 50/60 Hz.
* Power Absorbed 120 Watts per actuator.
* Motor voltage 24VDC.
* Insulation resistance 1 Mega Ohm.
* Angular Speed 12º (±10%) per Second.
* Maximum leaf Opening angle 90º (±10%).
* Rotating Duration (90º) 10 ~ 15 seconds.
* Maximum leaf weights allowable 250 kg.
* Waterproof and rust resistant cast alloy casing.
* External dimensions 240mm X 240mm X 140mm.
* Rotary lever type transmission.
* Dual speed with safety limit timer.
* Mechanical clutch as safety device.
* Battery Back up Optional.
* Photo sensor based automatic lightning control.
* 24VDC Solenoid locking coil.
* Locking Pin Solid mild steel coated with hard PVC.
* Key operated cam-lock to enable manual operation.
* Solenoid Lock Dimensions 149 mm X 80 mm X 70 mm.
* Metal sheet rubber coated two-hole stopper for coil locking.
* ECS Previa VTI controller with solid-state integrated circuit.
* Weather resistance casing.
* CPU Dimensions 310 mm X 250 mm X 130 mm.
* Actuator arm & bracket are Nickel-chrome plated iron.
* Bearing serial F-10-30A.
* Arms Dimensions 25mm X 5mm X 24``.
* Transmitter type G23A Battery operated crystal controlled dual frequency RF.
* Gear Revolution 1400 gear / minute.
* Thermic Protection 125ºC.
* Protection Class IP 44.
* Maximum Thrust Force 1500N.
* Operating Temperature -35ºC to +80ºC.
* Complete Weight 28 Kg.
* Optional Security connectivity.
* ECHOS Photo Cells optional.
* Flash Blinker Optional.




OSK533 ... Laser 1500

OSK533 sliding gate automation system for Industrial applications

OSK533 is a vertical turbine type motor system for industrial or heavy-duty gate operations. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in industrial entrances. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor use. VT Series of Operating Devices are created for automatic movements of sliding gates with excessive weights.


* Silent Operation.
* Soft start / soft stop.
* Simple push button operation.
* Waterproof motor casing.
* Thermal bimetallic device.
* Synthetic oil for long life.
* Computerized control.
* S1 Continuous duty service.
* Ventilation through Bidirectional Fan.
* Cremallera racks (No rust No corrosion).
* Power supply three phase 415 V ±10 %, 50 – 60 Hz.
* Power connectivity using 07 / 44 armor or guarded cable.
* Power consumption 1.5 Kw (2.0HP).
* Capacity 3 Tones.
* Current 3.8Amps.
* Customized made to order.



* Sliding motor with metal top container.
* System activation from guardhouse.
* IP55 standards.
* CPU with programmable microprocessor.
* Emergency stop.
* Open / close push button.
* Cremallera teeth hinges mounted on the gate.
* System base foundation brackets.
* Complete hardware kit.
* Wiring connectivity using multi core coded sigma signal cable (No losses)




TKRB Series Motorized Road Barrier

TKRB Series Road Barrier is an ideal solution for controlling of roadway traffic. Teknoaids offers this facility in Electromechanical and Hydraulic Operational Mechanisms controlled either by remote control or manual switch button. It offers simple and efficient usage with ease and flexibility of operation. The system can be operated by the suits security officer or by the driver himself. It is designed according to the requirement of the client and the local environment. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well as indoor usage. All TEKNOAIDS Systems are installed with a minimum warranty period of one year followed by a complete backup and maintenance facility. This system is ideal for Governmental and Private Organizations, Multinational Companies, Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Embassies, Car Parking and many others.


Technical Data

* Operatring voltage 380/220 ac 3 phase or 220v 1 phase (optional)
* Operating time (opening/ closing) 5 -8 seconds.
* Operating temperature - 20 c to 70 c
* Final paint mat finish with anti rust paint
* Reflective sheet stripes.
* Drive mechanisim: electromechinical upto 16 feet boom
* Hydrulic for above 16 feet boom
* Barrier arm rotation: 0 - 90 degree
* Selectable autoclose function with instant or delayed closing
* Available in various colors & designs
* Manually operatable in case of power failure
* Direct coupled gear motor
* MS rectangular shaped barrier arm




Using Polycarbonate Sheets

Why Polycarbonate Sheet Glazing?
Polycarbonate is the toughest alternative of glass when you have a
breakage problem.

Saves Money

Continually replace broken glass is not only a nuisance; it's a needless waste of money! Polycarbonate Sheet glazing is virtually unbreakable and when you fit it, you cut your losses- because you fit it only once.

Easily Installed

Polycarbonate Sheet Glazing is fitted easily and quick into most window frames, no specialized knowledge or equipment is needed.

Safe and Secure

Polycarbonate Sheet Glazing product meet all standards for safety,
security, flammability etc.

Nation Wide Availibility

Polycarbonate Sheet products meet all your glazing needs & are readily available in major cities of Pakistan.

Range Of Products

Polycarbonate Clear Sheet:

Virtually unbreakable transparent glazing sheet it is a unique UV protected surface for even greater durability to outdoor weathering.

Polycarbonate Textured Sheet:

Attractive low cost translucent glazing for privacy glazing.

Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet:

Tough, energy saving multi-wall sheet is for roof glazing with a 10 years warranty, superior energy efficiency.

Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet:

Polycarbonate Corrugate Sheet is an Ideal choice for durable, attractive glazing in Commercial Green Houses, Roof lights and Industrial Building.




This is a complete Automation System for Powering Roller Shutters. Roller Shutter can be raised and lowered with the help of a remote control or by a manual push button. Installation is quick and easy and can be applied on existing shutters, suitable for Garage Shutters, Showroom& Restaurants etc.




PG JS-30 roll up/down shutter for residential, commercial and industrial entrances

PG JS-30 is a standard electro-mechanical shutter operator, meant for control of roller shutter operations. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential, commercial and industrial entrances. All components made to specific specifications; the transmission system incorporates deluxe alloys in durable designs, manufactured to strict quality standards for durability and high efficiency. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easy operating system for outdoor as well as indoor use.



* Heavy-duty design for 24 hours continuous application.
* Operation through chain operated notched plate.
* Fully - concealed unit prevents dust damages and noise factor.
* Anti – Recoil protective device minimize manual operating error.
* Built in precision heat detector prevents motor from over heating during operation.
* Selectable Auto close function with instant or delay closing.
* Adjustable Low speed for Cushioning effect.
* Open, Close and Open/Stop/Close functions.
* Interface able with Proximity card and Loop detector application.
* Manually operation through up chain pulling.
* Safe and efficient operation through current sensing technology.
* Weather resistant coating against hostile environments.
* Easy availability of spare parts and accessories.

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 220 V ~ 50Hz
Output power: 150W
Absorption: 1.2~2 Amp
S.S Pipe: 4'' Approx. weight capacity: 300Kg
Thermo Protection: 100ºC
Working Temperature: -35ºC to + 80ºC
Rotational Speed: 1720
Chain: # 530
Anchor: Exclusive notched plate pitched gear.
Weight: 11.5 Kg