Anti-Terrorist Security Solutions

Anti-Terrorist Security Solutions

The need for improved anti-terrorist security is no longer a trivial concern. The recent terrorist attacks showcase our vulnerability to unexpected attacks and the threat remains serious and real and most of the government organizations and secured compounds are under the shadow of security threats.
Therefore, it is inevitable that the anti-terrorism solutions are more focused primarily on the impact resistance of the employed security device.
The first step in preparing an organization for the threat of terrorism is accurate analysis of the risk situation. Our consultants use proven analysis and evaluation tools to provide accurate assessments of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities.
There are certain easy to follow measures that help to reach a superior anti-terrorism solution. Teknoaids Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the followings
  • Road Blockers
  • Heavy Duty Automated Barriers
  • Bollards
  • Tyre Killer
  • Bullet and Blast Resistant Doors, Windows and Gates

Road Blocker

Our Road Blocker is designed as an effective means of controlling access to high security areas. Among the many advantages is the absence of a need for a column at the side to house the mechanical mechanism. This facilitates placing several blockers in a row end to end to control exceptionally wide access points. The hydraulic drive is operated by an energy accumulator that can be positioned as far away as 15 m. Hydraulic jack makes it possible to lower the obstacle in case of power failure. These are the ideal type of road blocker equipment that provides effective protection to any location that may be of terrorists.
Our road blockers provide high-level security where heavy-duty security is prime concern. It ensures greater safety & security as it can restrict forced vehicle entry. Road blocker is designed to withstand repeated Impact. It comprises of hydraulically powered reinforced steel barrier, which lies flush to the road surface, and rises up when activated. It is strong and durable in construction and can be quickly and easily operated by the suites security personnel or by individual drivers through a choice of Access Control switching device, Push Button or remote control device
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Surface Mounted Road Blocker

Teknoaids (Pvt) Ltd have recently developed Surface mounted road blocker suitable for sites where it is difficult to dig deep into the ground surface to lay the foundation needed to support the conventional Hydraulic Road Blocker.
Surface Mounted Road Blockers are easy to install and requires minimum civil works to make the road blocker operational.
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Heavy Duty Automated Barrier

Road barriers are main key component of any organizations security plan designed to prohibit forced and unauthorized trespasser or vehicle. Our Road barriers are crash tested and can easily prevent any sort of vehicular forced entry irrespective of its speed and weight. TK-RB are tough and uncompromising, providing perfect solution for prevention of unwanted intruders.
It is controlled with either hydraulic or pneumatic mechanism depending upon the site and client’s requirement. Our barriers can be quickly and easily operated by the security personnel or by individual drivers through a choice of access control switching device, Push Button or Remote Control Devices.
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Teknoaids Hydraulic Rising Road Bollards are suitable for places which are usually for pedestrian access but can also be used for vehicle access in case of emergency.
The bollards are installed to prevent the movement of vehicles without disturbing pedestrian access to facility.
The bollards are designed keeping in mind the prevention of forced vehicle entry and are available in K8 and K12 rating making it strong enough to prevent any kind of vehicular terrorist attacks
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This system is used to damage tyres of such vehicles which attempt to enter a secured or restricted area without permission or security clearance. The system is easy to install & operate.
This system is one of the cost effective and smart mean of controlling the traffic. It is available in both Mechanical & Electro Mechanical types which enables the customer to operate the system either as a stand alone automatic system or with the help of a site operator using any switching device (push button, remote control or access control system). This system can also be used as a Directional Traffic Control System (DTCS). This is an added feature & controls traffic without any additional measure.
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